About Red Dog Antiques

I’m Dorothy Talbott, and Red Dog Antiques is owned by my husband Bob and me. We are based in Newburgh, Indiana, and travel throughout the Midwest and beyond to buy antiques, glassware, costume jewelry and collectibles.

Our interest in buying antiques and collectibles began (as so many of these endeavors do) as a weekend pastime, with the two of us roaming the antique stores of Indiana and the Midwest, hunting for the items we remembered from our childhoods.

In my case, it was a poodle dog jar I had first seen when I was 11 years old, shopping with my mother at Frederick’s 5 & 10 Cent Store in Tell City, Indiana. I wanted that jar so badly, but my mother didn’t have the 49 cents to spend on anything that wasn’t food or clothing, so it stayed at Frederick’s.

Then, all those years later, Bob found a poodle jar like it at one of those antique stores we’d been visiting, and he bought it for me.

Meanwhile, he was hunting for a little truck with headlights, something he’d owned as a child. And the day he found one was the day we both knew we were hooked.

All we needed was a name for the business, and one came to us when we remembered a charming white building we’d come across in our travels, with little red dogs painted all over it. There was something delightful about that building, and delight is what this business is all about, after all. It seemed like the perfect name.

Red Dog Antiques has grown since then to become the business it is today, with Bob and I traveling around the country, finding treasures in all kinds of unexpected places. If you have antiques or collectibles you would like to sell, I would be happy to meet with you and offer my services as a lady buyer.

We’re available for consultations seven days a week. Call (812) 483-9561, or send an email message.

You can find out more about our antiques and collectibles buying services here.

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Thank you for your considering us. I hope we can be of service to you!